Move For Fun, Get Fit For Life.

Race Day September 22, 2018

Healthy Living Expo September 20-21, 2018

Steps to a Healthy Workplace

There are benefits to both the employer and the employee to support employee wellness and activities like participating in the FitOne Healthy Business Challenge – including more productive, healthier employees; increased energy levels; reduced stress; increased social engagement; fewer sick days and involvement in one of the largest local community events.

With the support of our Healthy Business Challenge presenting sponsor SelectHealth, we are able to provide you with tips, tools and resources to share with your co-workers, as you help build a healthier workplace!

Simply click on the buttons below, download each of the PDFs, print and hang in your break room or distribute a different one at each of your staff meetings. You can also share the online links in your company e-newsletter or within your team recruitment emails – it’s easy!

With topics from eating healthy on the road, to reaping the benefits of foam rolling (yes, you can do this in your office!), there are easy, helpful ideas along the way for you and your entire team.