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The Power of Family Dinners

, by RC Willey

How many of us are taking the time to eat dinner as a family? I know we are all very busy and once our kids get into sports and other activities it becomes harder and harder to prepare a healthy meal and sit down and enjoy each other’s company. But it’s important.

There are many reasons why family dinner is important.

  1. Cooking at home is almost always healthier than eating out.
  2. Family dinner is a fun way to expose your kids to new food options.
  3. Family dinner is a fun way to let your kids decide what the family will eat.
  4. Family dinner creates conversation at important times of our lives.
  5. Family dinner allows us to focus on each other’s needs.
  6. Eating dinner with the family lowers the chances of your child using drugs & alcohol.
  7. Kids who eat family dinner get better grades on their report cards!
  8. Making meals at home is almost 50% cheaper than eating out.

Some of our favorite memories stem from sitting around the dinner table, laughing and enjoying our friends and family. It’s important to have a table that is comfortable and accommodates everyone, so you can talk long into the night in a comfortable setting. RC Willey has an extensive selection of dining options for every budget.

Let us know what your needs are and we will treat you like family. 

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