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When your buddy’s in trouble, you do what you can to help. That’s just what friends do. So when Matt’s friends found out he was sick, they wanted to help.

Matt had a brain tumor. Throughout 2013 his friends lined up for the chance to visit him and play the games he loves, helping pass the time when he was in the hospital or stuck in bed at home. His brother Josh and sister Maggie shaved their heads in solidarity—twice.

Matt’s friends Isabella, Abby, Gabby, and Riley formed a rock band called “The Runaway Hamsters.” They sold copies of their song, “Runaway,” and raised $1,750, which they gave to St. Luke’s MSTI to help kids with cancer, like their friend Matt.

And they weren’t alone. His friends Lauren and Megan baked for two weeks straight and filled six coolers with treats for a bake sale. Josh made his great-grandma’s pumpkin bread and Maggie helped bake brownies. Lauren’s and Megan’s parents and grandparents also pitched in. The girls raised $1,000 to give to St. Luke’s MSTI in Matt’s honor.

The kids came up with the projects on their own, because of their love for Matt. “Matt’s always nice to everyone,” says Abby. “He’s our friend.”

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