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Hopscotch, gymnastics, triathlons, and ice cream cones are just some of eight year-old Kallen’s favorite things. She was born a healthy six pounds, seven ounces, but while in the hospital she became fussy, would cry inconsolably, and seemed extremely uncomfortable. She grew even more so at home, and got very little sleep. Her mother knew it was more than colic.

Dr. Henry Thompson, a St. Luke’s Children’s gastroenterologist, diagnosed her with a dairy protein and soy allergy. A change to a specialized formula and ongoing medications allowed Kallen to become a content baby, get more sleep, and thrive. 

Kallen sees Dr. Thompson periodically for follow-up exams, and affectionately calls him “Doc T.” She has since outgrown her food allergies and happily does handstands, jumps on the trampoline, and works up an appetite for her favorite treat with friends: ice cream! She was thrilled when “Doc T” was able to see a photo of her enjoying her first ice cream cone, a food that once made her sick.

“The specialists at St. Luke’s Children’s were exactly what we needed when we felt there were no answers," says Kallen’s mother. "She’s an incredibly happy child who loves being active.” 

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