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Race Day September 22, 2018

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It’s not easy keeping up with 14 year-old Haley. When she’s not skiing, paddle boarding, or playing competitive soccer, she’s on the go with family, friends, or her pets. To keep this young athlete healthy, Haley received IMPACT testing through St. Luke’s Sports Medicine to pre-screen for concussion. “We feel better knowing we now have a ‘normal’ or baseline reading,” says her mother, “so if Haley is ever hurt, she’ll get the right plan of care and we’ll know when it’s safe for her to return to play.”

St. Luke’s was also there when Haley was just six years old and her pediatrician, Dr. Mindy Gaddis, diagnosed her with acute appendicitis. She had surgery on her birthday, missing celebration cupcakes with her friends at school. St. Luke’s nurses not only took great care of little Haley—they decorated her room and showered her with gifts for her special day. Even her surgeon, Dr. Adrian Curnow, played a key role, making sure Haley woke up with her new earrings in place after learning how sad she’d been to remove them as required before the procedure.

“We are so grateful to everyone who interacted with Haley that day for the excellent care and kindness they showed her,” her mother says.

From emergency care to injury prevention, Haley’s story shows how St. Luke’s tailors its full range of services to its young patients—giving them the extra care and attention they need so they can celebrate each victory and each birthday in good health. 

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