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Busy, brown-eyed Adelaide is just crazy about music. She choreographs her own dances and loves boy bands, often singing at the top of her lungs. Harmonies and thumping bass beats came into her life later than for most kids because Adelaide was born into a silent world. A newborn screening found that she was deaf. 

She immediately began receiving care from St. Luke’s audiologists, who outfitted her with tiny hearing aids. When those failed to help, Dr. Jill Beck performed surgery to implant cochlear devices when Adelaide was one year-old. The devices transmitted sound that soon began processing in the toddler’s brain. 

Adelaide had plenty of catching up to do, but with the help of speech therapists at St. Luke’s Children’s, she was trading sign language for words at about age three. “She’s a chatterbox,” says her mother, Diana, who’s grateful for every therapist and doctor who helped bring sound into her daughter’s life.

Next fall, Adelaide will be in a regular second grade classroom with her peers. And if she giggles a little too much or laughs a little too loudly, it’s all right with her mom. “I could one day see her on stage performing,” Diana says. “She’s very bubbly, energetic, and talkative.” All music to this mother’s ears! 

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